2-Row Mini-Tractor No-Till Planter

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The Eden Equip 2-row Mini-tractor Np-till Maize Planter is a minimum-till seed planter specifically designed for small farms where small tractors are used. It is meant to be used in a Conservation Agriculture farming system for planting maize, beans and various other seeds. It is also equipped for fertiliser application.


  • Planter type: 2-row no-till maize planter
  • Drawn: mini-tractor (10-25kW / 13-35Hp) with Category 1 lift
  • Planter weight (empty): 2-row = 165kg; 1-row = 99kg
  • Row spacing: min = 380mm / max = 850mm
  • Planting speed: 3-5 km/h
  • Soil opener: 16mm chisel ripper tyne
  • Depth Adjustment: Adjustable ripper tyne
  • Depth control wheels: 350mm wheel (wheel barrow type)
  • Cutting coulter (optional): 350mm x 4mm
  • Closing wheel: Steel with traction pattern
  • Seed / fertiliser drive: ½” chain & gears from rear wheel
  • Seed types: maize, beans, sorghum, etc
  • Seed bin volume (each): 7.5 litre
  • Seed spacing intervals: 95mm –429mm (12 settings)
  • Seed meter type: vertical finger plate
  • Fertiliser type: granular
  • Fertiliser bin volume (each): 22.5 litre
  • Fertiliser max @ 760mm rows: 550kg/ha

Please note: This planter must be transported in a cargo frame which we build upon order. Please allow a lead time of two weeks for delivery.

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Additional information

Weight 190 kg
Dimensions 155 × 80 × 88 cm


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