About Us

Who We Are and What We Do

Eden Equip Online is the online-shop division of Eden Equip (Pty) Ltd. We supply agricultural equipment and related products mainly for small scale farming, homesteading, vegetable farming, etc.

Our customers include international aid organizations, NGOs, seed companies, governments, universities, etc. But most importantly, our customers include many small scale farmers, homesteaders, missionaries and many others who want to plant their own crops and vegetables, even if they do it in their own back yards.

Our Products

We develop, manufacture and supply our own brand of Eden Equip farm equipment. We also supply various other brands of innovative and popular products. We focus on equipment that relates to:

  • Small scale farming
  • Self sustainability
  • Food security
  • Healthy food
  • Conservation & Regenerative Agriculture
  • Innovative solutions

Our Vision

Eden Equip Online strives to:

  • Accept stewardship with regards to God’s creation.
    “…Work (the land) and take care of it” (Genesis 3:15 NIV)
  • Supply high quality equipment that is user friendly, robust and effective.
  • Provide a high standard of friendly, personalised service.
  • Supply our equipment at a very reasonable price.
  • Supply effective after-sales support.
  • Uphold ethical business practices.
  • Building long term relationships and stay connected with our customers.
  • Join hands with people and organisations who share our vision.